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Alternative vs. ConnectBooster

Explore how Alternative Payments stacks up against ConnectBooster

In the fast-paced world of Managed Services Providers (MSPs), having the right payment solution can make all the difference in getting paid on time, while providing an effective client experience.

Driving business everywhere

Alternative Payments
is a superior choice for MSPs

We offer a range of benefits that ConnectBooster Payments simply cannot match and simply does not offer.

Payment solution that simplifies not complicates

Compare Alternative Payments vs ConnectBooster

Alternative Payments
Greater Online Payment Adoption
Alternative Payments is Independent, ConnectBooster is Not
Robust Support for Everyone
Transparent, Clear Pricing
Single Pane of Glass

Elevate your payments experience with Alternative Payments

We provide unmatched customer success and support that empowers you and your clients to make use of Alternative Payments to its fullest capacity.

Unparalleled Customer Success
Our commitment to your success ensures the full potential of Alternative Payments, with personalized onboarding and continuous support for you and your clients.
Customized Onboarding
Start with us today for a personalized onboarding. Collaborate with us to create a seamless, custom process aligned with your unique business needs.
Automated Payment Excellence
Partner with us for 100% online payment automation, enabling streamlined processes that empower your business and clients to thrive in the digital payment landscape.

Compare detailed insights

Online Payments Ease
Alternative Payments is designed to help MSPs boost their online payments adoption. We offer the tools and features necessary to encourage and facilitate online payments from your clients.
Alternative Payments is committed to continuous improvement and has the largest payments team in the MSP space, truly innovating, while remaining independent.
Transparent, Streamlined Pricing
One consistent price, each month
Robust, Dedicated Support
Exceptional customer support is a hallmark of Alternative Payments. We understand that a great platform alone is not enough; you also need access to timely and reliable support.
Single Pane of Glass
Onboard immediately with one company and always have one point of contact.
Challenging User Experience
ConnectBooster often falls short. Stop collecting checks from clients for 20% of your revenue. Let one platform do it all!
ConnectBooster's ownership by Kaseya raises concerns about the future of the product. The lack of investment and innovation from Kaseya will result in ConnectBooster becoming outdated and less effective.
Complicated Pricing
ConnectBooster requires you to review 3-4 bills to figure out how much your paying. If it's complicated to figure out, it's likely too much!
Challenging to Get a Hold Of
ConnectBooster lacks the level of support that MSPs and their clients require.
Automate Follow-Ups
Get paid immediately, once your services are complete

Seamless user interaction

Tailored to MSPs Needs + Requirements

Alternative Payments integrates seamlessly with top PSAs (ConnectWise, Autotask, HaloPSA), optimizing workflows for smoother and more efficient financial operations in MSPs.

Client-Focused Platform

Maximize Alternative Payments with our unmatched support. Collaborate to boost activation and educate clients on online payments. Unlike larger enterprises, our unique value proposition sets us apart.

Automations for Efficiency

Alternative Payments surpasses Quickbooks Payments in robust automation capabilities, including automated reminders, reconciliation, and auto-payments.

Cost-Effective Pricing

One flat monthly fee, no surprises. Unlike Quickbooks Payments, pass on credit card fees, reducing overhead costs. No charges for ACH payments, saving you more.

Streamlined UI/UX

Our UI/UX is meticulously designed for user-friendliness. Modern, efficient, and highly user-centric, ensuring a pleasant experience for you and your clients.

Making payments your superpower

"Before Alternative Payments, invoices were paid by paper check or over the phone. Now, our customers pay invoices in minutes without relying on us to process their payments."
Bryant LaBonvilleDirector of Operations, Heiden Technology
Alternative’s checkout solution has simplified our payments process significantly, and the transition was incredibly seamless and easy.
Aaron ZimmermanPresident
It took us less than 2 hours to implement Alternative. Our customers are now paying faster than ever through Alternative’s seamless checkout experience.
Cary WagnerCEO and Technical Operations Director

Simplify your customer payments, unlock instant cash flow