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Everything you need to make payments and accounts receivable a breeze

Save time and improve collection rates with a range of AR automations, including auto-pay and auto-reconciliation.

Skip manual work

Forget paper invoices and manual data entry. Use our AR automation software to do all the work for you and save countless hours.

Improve collection rates

Set up simple auto-pay rules to reduce collection times and eliminate the problem of overdue collections.

Grow your revenue

Free up your time and resources to focus on everything else, like growing your business and increasing numbers.

Set the rules and charge customers automatically

Set auto-pay rules to specific customers or your whole customer base, and charge them automatically based on the criteria outlined by you.

  • Set the rules, including cadence and payment method
  • Never forget to send invoices again
  • Charge customers directly if you’d prefer

Balance the books, without any manual data entry

Keep track of payment status in one place — invoices will populate automatically in your internal and customer-facing dashboards.

  • Save up to 10+ hours per week of manual entry
  • Make sure internal records match bank statements
  • Improve your company’s financial health

Collect customer payment info upfront

Collect payment methods upfront as part of the contracting process, save time, and get paid without delay.

  • Get paid immediately, once your services are complete
  • Don't wait for your customers to pay you
  • Improve your businesses cash flow with easy tips and tricks, sponsored by Alternative Payments

Why our customers love our automations

We are accelerating our sales cycle and providing flexibility to our customers and now we utilize revolutionary finance tools to reach more customers and grow faster.
Adam SteinFounder & CEO
Customers trust our brand and we trust Alternative Payments. Their white label solution makes the checkout journey seamless.
Ryan NokesChief Executive Officer
With Alternative, we are returning more money to our customers’ pockets by reducing transaction fees while also delivering value for customers seeking to pay contracts over time.
Robb FahrionCEO
We used to spend hours a week on manual invoicing and billing efforts. Moving payments online with Alternative has modernized and simplified the process, making our entire business more efficient
Mike WoeberPresident and CEO
With Alternative, we finally found a solution that simplifies our business processes and allows us to exceed our growth goals while delivering more value to our customers.
Fred LebhartFounder & CEO
Generations Beyond brings cutting-edge tools and tactics to our customers growing their digital brand. Integrating Alternative’s platform into our business processes will drive higher close rates for our contracts and enhance the customer experience by giving more payment options when engaging our services.
Jesse WroblewskiFounder & President
Partnering with Alternative is a no-brainer and resonates with our company values. Working together, we will continue delivering total ecosystem solutions to business leaders so they can focus on what matters most to them.
Justin FortierFounder & CEO
"Before Alternative Payments, invoices were paid by paper check or over the phone. Now, our customers pay invoices in minutes without relying on us to process their payments."
Bryant LaBonvilleDirector of Operations, Heiden Technology
Our partnership with Alternative will supercharge our business goals by unlocking greater access to capital for our customers so they can go even further - even faster.
Ari SalafiaCEO & Co-Founder
Not only does our partnership with Alternative help us grow our own contract values more quickly, but their team aligns with our own company mission: to use the latest methodologies and provide complete, effective solutions to our clients. Together, we are helping our partners see results sooner while working towards mutual growth and long-term success.
Rogelio RodriguezChief Operating Officer
It took us less than 2 hours to implement Alternative. Our customers are now paying faster than ever through Alternative’s seamless checkout experience.
Cary WagnerCEO and Technical Operations Director
Alternative gives us powerful tools to close bigger contracts and grow our business faster.
Jeremy WongExecutive Vice President
Our customers now have an online checkout solution, which they love, we are getting paid faster and we have a fully integrated payment suite, which was easy to set up!
Steve AbrahamChief Financial Officer
Alternative’s checkout solution has simplified our payments process significantly, and the transition was incredibly seamless and easy.
Aaron ZimmermanPresident

Forget pending — put money in
 the bank in seconds


If you don’t want to use our auto-pay rules, you can charge a customer’s payment method on file for an invoice — with just a single tap.

Save time with auto-sync

Connect the Alternative Payments platform with your billing, CRM, and PSA tools for faster implementation. Enjoy the benefits of all your company’s payments info in one place.

Limit payment processing fees by optimizing rules by customer

Enjoy the flexibility of passing credit fees or absorbing them. The same goes for financing. It’s completely up to you.

Fees are absorbed by your business

Credit Card

2.9% on VISA / Mastercard; 3.5% on AMEX

Pay in Installments

3.0% - 7.0% for 30 - 150 
day terms*

*1.0% increase per 30 days


More accounts receivable payment features to power your business


Give your customers more ways to pay — including ACH, buy now, pay later, and card payments — and give your business a competitive edge.


Learn more about our best-in-class security practices by visiting our dedicated security page.


Put payments into your bank account automatically, pull customer invoices, and auto-reconcile transactions — all with a suite of straightforward integrations.

Simplify your customer payments, unlock instant cash flow