B2B Payment Trends
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Collections Assist

Have overdue invoices? Automate collections and wait no more!

Collections Assist allows you to seamlessly submit overdue invoices to collections (success-based fees)

Save your time

Leverage our team to do the work and save countless hours back-and-forth with customers who do not pay.

Improve and automate collections

Our team utilizes best-in-class practices and automated invoice processing to help collect and improve the probability of clients paying.

Grow your cash flow

Collect on overdue invoices instead of taking a write off

Confirm invoice information

Confirm invoice information and customer details, then submit for collections, while easily tracking updates along the way.

  • Save hours of back-and-forth with customers
  • Let the experts do the work
  • Grow revenue and improve collectability

Overdue invoices auto-populate

We process thousands of invoices each month. We know how to automate collections and pursue the best approach for each client.

  • We reach out via text, cold-call, email or in-person
  • Escalate the issue and get every client to pay

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Give your customers more ways to pay — including ACH, buy now, pay later, and card payments — and give your business a competitive edge.


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Put payments into your bank account automatically, pull customer invoices, and auto-reconcile transactions — all with a suite of straightforward integrations.

Simplify your customer payments, unlock instant cash flow