B2B Payment Trends
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Keeping your 
payment data safe

Data security is at the heart of what we do. Alternative Payments deploys best-in-class security practices, keeping your payment data safe — and that of your customers.

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Protecting you and your customers

Our systems are entirely cloud-based, hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), meaning that all sensitive data (like credit card and bank account information) is kept under lock and key.

Top-notch security features

  • Strict access controls
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Regular security audits
  • Protocol adherence

Total compliance

PCI compliance

All credit card data is tokenized and distributed directly to third-parties. We don’t retain any information and continuously monitor the third-party providers we work with — making sure they adhere to the latest compliance requirements.

ISO/IEC 27001 compliance

All data is held within AWS — a cloud-based architecture — protecting all your customers’ information from being shared outside of underwriting and compliance teams.

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