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Automation for MSPs: Leveraging Autopay, Invoice Automation, Lowering Collections & Boosting Revenue

As the landscape in IT services continues to evolve, managed services providers (MSPs) find themselves grappling with challenges to maintain steady revenue streams and optimize collection and billing processes. One transformative solution that can address both of these concerns is implementing autopay and invoice automaton controls and systems. According to PYMNTS, “Business-to-business (B2B) and commercial customers are more and more seeing — and expecting — both streamlined workflows and personalized experiences.” These next generational experiences combine unique features, like autopay to effectively lower collections while increasing revenue. We delve into why automation and autopay is business critical for MSPs and what you can and should do about it. 

1. Seamless and Punctual Payments

Autopay allows MSPs to collect payments automatically from their clients on predetermined dates, removing the need for manual billing and follow-ups. This can also be done based on the dollar value of invoices as well as the type of agreement, e.g. managed agreements vs. one-time. This streamlines the payment process and ensures that payments are made promptly. As a result, MSPs can significantly reduce the occurrence of late or missed payments, leading to improved cash flow and financial stability.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience with Invoice Automation

A smooth and hassle-free payment experience is essential for enhancing the overall customer experience. Autopay offers clients the convenience of having their payments processed automatically, eliminating the need to remember due dates and manually initiate payments. When there may be a handful of invoices for specific customers, this greatly helps them to track and pay invoices more succinctly. This convenience fosters a sense of trust and reliability, leading to higher customer satisfaction levels and increased client retention rates.

3. Efficient Resource Allocation

By reducing the time and effort spent on chasing late payments and managing billing processes, MSPs can redirect their resources toward more strategic initiatives. Autopay enables businesses to allocate their staff and time more efficiently, focusing on value-added activities that contribute to growth and innovation. Alternative Payments saves companies 10+ hours a week in a multitude of different ways and autopay is one of the leading drivers of this time savings. 

4. Minimized Revenue Leakage

Revenue leakage, caused by delayed or lost payments, can significantly impact the bottom line of MSPs. Autopay systems drastically reduce revenue leakage by automating the payment collection process, ensuring that every invoice is paid on time and in full. Each day of delayed payments has significant ramifications on a businesses net working capital, which can be utilized to reinvest in the business.  For a $10M revenue business, each day of delayed payments results in a $28,000 hit to net working capital, 10 days equals $280,000!  More information on net working capital: G2 What is net working capital?

5. Predictable Cash Flow

One of the greatest advantages of autopay for MSPs is the ability to predict and stabilize cash flow. With regular and predictable payments, businesses can better plan their expenses, investments, and growth strategies, reducing the uncertainties associated with inconsistent cash flow.

6. Incentive for Long-Term Contracts

Autopay systems can act as an incentive for clients to sign long-term contracts with MSPs. By offering discounts or other benefits for clients who opt for autopay, businesses can secure longer and more stable relationships, thus increasing recurring revenue.


In conclusion, autopay for managed services providers is a critical tool that offers multifaceted benefits. From streamlining payment processes and enhancing customer experience to reducing revenue leakage and administrative costs, autopay plays a pivotal role in ensuring a healthy and thriving business. By adopting this automated payment method, MSPs can lower collections issues, predict cash flow more accurately, and focus their resources on strategic initiatives that contribute to sustainable revenue growth. Embracing autopay is not just a modern convenience; it is a crucial step toward optimizing the financial health of managed services providers in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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