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NW Technologies Group x Alternative Payments

Talking with Justin Best, CEO at NW Techs

January 26, 2024


NW Technologies Group ("NW Techs") is a technology Managed Service Provider based in Portland, Oregon, providing IT management for Small-to-Medium Businesses. NW Techs’ services help improve security and compliance, reduce risk, and ensure teams can remain productive.

Industry: IT Services

Company Size: 10-50 Employees


Desire for a Single Payment Solution                                                               

NW Techs started to explore the need for a new payment processor due to frustration with having two separate entities handle payment requests. Initially, the payment processor and portal looked like a single entity, but behind the curtain, they were not, creating complexity and frustration when issues would arise.

Separate Points of Contact for Problem Resolution

Separate points of contact for the payment processor and the payment portal made it difficult and time-consuming to find the underlying cause of what the root issue was behind occasional failed payments. We had several customers we just gave up and decided we could not process payments for, which was a source of frustration.


Single Payment Platform

We were thrilled when we discovered that Alternative Payments could equip us with a single solution that provided everything (portal, processing, gateway, etc.) that we needed, and which integrated well with our other existing tools.

Single Point of Contact

We love having a single point of contact with Alternative Payments. We can get answers quickly when we need them and have seen Alternative go the extra mile to take excellent care of us.

Transition and Onboarding

Alternative Payments did a fantastic job of doing the behind-the-scenes work and keeping us aware of what was happening during implementation. They also provided us with the resources we needed along the way:

  • Client email templates to explain the new portal to our clients.
  • Vendor email templates to explain what data we needed in order to migrate payment details on file from our old portal vendor.
  • New payment portal links, to be included in our invoice emails.

Cutover times were clearly thought out and communicated. When it was time to go live, we had already configured client logins, and our clients were able to sign in to the new portal immediately to pay invoices or update payment methods used by autopay.

Favorite Features

Alternative Payments has several features that we really love, and which save us time:

  1. Easy Payment Reconciliations

Our bookkeeping staff is saving time reconciling payments in our accounting system. We integrate with QuickBooks Online, and the Alternative Payments integration allows QuickBooks to reconcile payments automatically.

  1. Exact Invoice Amounts Deposited

We love the fact that we always get the exact amount on the invoice deposited into our checking account, regardless of the payment method the client uses.

  1. Autopay

Most of our clients are on autopay, so that was a required feature for us. We are happy with how Alternative Payments has implemented autopay.

  1. Invoice Reminders

When investigating an unpaid invoice, we can just click a button to send an invoice reminder, usually eliminating the sometimes-awkward back-and-forth of a phone call or a handwritten email.


One Solution for Payment Processing

NW Techs now has a single payment processing solution that reduces frustration and saves us money, time, and effort:

  • Monthly time savings on recording invoice payments 
  • Reduced portal costs and payment processing fees 
  • Single point of contact for all payment-related issues
“We are excited that Alternative Payments is innovative, pursuing new ideas and bringing a fresh approach in the payment portal space. We love the way their platform has continued to develop since we joined, and are thankful that we partnered with Alternative.”
Justin BestCEO
NW Technologies Group

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