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Northwest Techs x Alternative Payments

Talking with Justin Best, CEO at Northwest Techs

January 26, 2024


Northwest Techs ("NW Techs") is a Managed Service Provider in Portland, Oregon, offering solutions that alleviate cybersecurity and IT burdens for your business. Their services help to reduce risk and costs and ensure that your company is secure and your team can remain productive.

Industry: IT Services

Company Size: 10-50 Employees


Desire for a Single Payment Solution                                                               

NW Techs started to explore the need for a new payment processor due to our frustration with having two entities to handle payment requests. Initially, the payment processor and portal looked like a single entity, but when you peeked behind the curtain, they were not, creating huge issues.

Frustrating Finger-Pointing across Two Entities

Because we were dealing with two entities, there were a lot of payment processing issues that led to a lot of finger-pointing about who was at fault. We could not solve problems immediately.

Separate Points of Contact for Problem Resolution

Separate points of contact for the payment processor and the payment portal made it difficult and time-consuming to get to the bottom of what was causing any problem we were having.

Inability to Process Payments

We had several customers whom we couldn’t process payments for, which was a major source of frustration, and it quickly became a serious pain point.


Streamlined Single Payment Platform

We began a new payment processor search, and we were thrilled when we discovered that Alternative Payments could equip us with a single solution that provided everything (portal, processing, gateway, etc.) we needed.

Single Source of Truth and Setup

We love having a single source of truth and setup. There is one point of contact with Alternative Payments, and we can get answers quickly if we need them and we really appreciate that.

Transition and Onboarding Were a Breeze

Alternative Payments did a fantastic job of letting us know what was happening while we were in transition. Zero surprises. They provided us with the resources we needed along the way.

  • Client email templates proactively explained the migration process to our clients.
  • New client payment links were included in the email.
  • Accounts were already configured so our clients could just log in and pay their invoices.

Favorite Features That Save Time

Alternative Payments offers two awesome features that really hit it out of the park for us.

  1. Easy Payment Reconciliations

Our bookkeeping staff is saving time reconciling payments in our Accounts Payable system. We integrate with QuickBooks, and the Alternative Payments solution allows QuickBooks to handle deposits automatically.

  1. Exact Invoice Amounts Deposited

We love the fact that we always get the exact amount on the invoice deposited into our checking account, regardless of the payment method the client uses. Most of our clients are on autopay, so that was a core required feature for us, and Alternative Payments provides us with this functionality. We can also just click a button to send an invoice reminder, so we no longer banter back and forth about what’s easier, a call or email reminder.

“We are impressed with how Alternative Payments has implemented autopay, enabling our clients to use it. They’re happy with it, so we’re happy with it.”
Justin BestCEO


One-Solution for All Payment Processing Requirements

Northwest Techs now has a single payment processing solution that saves us money, time, effort and frustration.

  • Monthly time savings on invoices/payments
  • Reduced payment processing fees
  • One consolidated source of truth with a single contact
“We’re excited that Alternative Payments is innovative – looking at fresh approaches vs. that’s the way it’s always been done. We love exchanging ideas.”
Justin BestCEO

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